Saturday, 26 July 2014

The burglar that was gunned down by that old man wasn't pregnant afterall

 An autopsy has been carried out on the female burglar who was shot dead as she ran from the owner of a home she'd just robbed , and it turns out, she wasn't pregnant. Thank Goodness. 28 year old Andrea Miller, (pictured left) had claimed she was pregnant before being gunned down as she ran from the home she and another accomplice had just burglarized by the homeowner, 80 yr old owner, Tom Greer (pictured right).
Her accomplice, 26 year old Gus Adams could now be charged for her murder instead of the old man who shot her dead, as law enforcement agents say the man was within his rights to protect himself.
  Adams had initially escaped from the scene of the home break-in and shooting but he was arrested the next day and now police say that in addition to robbery charges, he could be charged with murder under a California law that makes a person criminally responsible for a murder that occurs in the commission of a felony.

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