Saturday, 23 August 2014

Dear LIB readers: Please can you interpret this dream for me?

From a male LIB reader
Dear Linda Ikeji blog readers. I'm a 29 old self employed man, I am not married and don't have children.  Every night for the past 10 years  and I mean every night, I have had the same dream. This dream takes me back to either my primary school, secondary school or the University,  where I'm usually in a class with my mates both the ones I heard died years back and the ones I haven't seen since we all left the institutions. 
In this dream, we're usually in a classroom writing either a test or an exam. The questions are always  simple so I answer them but never get  them submitted. I watch everybody in the class submit except me. When ever I get up to submit, it's either the paper disappears or I see a blank sheet, sometimes I get too weak to get up from my seat or as I approach the teacher I wake up from the dream. Bottom line is I've never submitted any exam sheet before for the past 10 years.
That's not the one that bothers me. Recently the dream changed to never getting to my proposed destination. Every time I try to go out, I never do. I dress up get into my car and it never starts. My car in real life is very sound, it has never disappointed me before so why is it that it doesn't move in my dreams. Even when I struggle to go out, I end up at the same spot. 
So last night/this morning I had the same dream, this time it was me and my older sister. We were going to get some money from her debtors, we both got into her car and drove off, some minutes after we left her house the car stopped and the next thing we found ourselves in a grave yard dancing for a group of people.  
I'm tired of keeping this dreams to myself, I've not been able to tell a soul because I dont want any disturbance around me. 
But I am here as an anonymous person to seek help. Does this dream make me stagnant? 
Because I really can't make any meaning of life. I still depend on my sisters to live. Never had a job, never had a serious relationship. I'm pretty much the same guy from 10 years ago.
Can someone tell me what this dreams mean?
Should I be worried?

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