Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Child labour: 6 year old boy photographed hawking drinks

 Here are photos of a little boy, not more than 6 years old, spotted hawking drinks as early as 10 this morning in Lagos. I know some people need to make ends meet to survive but sending a child this young to the street is wrong on every level. This is so heartbreaking to see!
 Do you think there should be some kind of punishment for parents/guardians who send an innocent child out on the streets instead of school? I think we should all get involved. Send a child to #schoolnotstreet! See more photos after the cut...


  1. Poor child so people can be heartless may be the child is not the truel biological child

  2. bitch you say the parent need to be punished do u know if the parent are doing worse job to make end meet for the family if you were reasonable you will go out and help this children instead of looking and blaming the parent/guardian.