Saturday, 20 December 2014

LIB reader needs

Some people don't have work at Can anyone explain it...?


  1. I chose to think differently, rather Mr President has performed creditable well however detractors would not agree many simply laudable achievements are swept under the carpet like the reforms in fertilizer, the PVC, Sure P and many more

  2. I am particularly shocked by the fact that with your level of supposed 'exposure', u could post a thing like this to mislead the public. I do not expect you not to be able to even differentiate a prototype (dummy) from a real National Identity card. What you just post is a picture of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan demonstrating the National Identification Number (NIN)enrolment process, displaying his NIN slip after enrolment for his NIN and displaying a prototype (dummy) of the National Identity Card during the official card launch in Abuja. Do not expect me to do your job for you next time. #besurebeforeyoupost #upholdprofessionalism #sellnaija #buynaija